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Earth Month | Delray Beach Restaurant

Embracing Sustainability: A Delray Beach Restaurant's Commitment to Earth Month

As April approaches, the world gears up to celebrate Earth Day, a time dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and taking action to protect our planet. In the heart of Delray Beach, Florida, one restaurant stands out for its unwavering dedication to sustainability: Henry's Delray Beach, and they'll be celebrating all month long. This year, our Delray Beach restaurant is proud to announce its participation in Earth Month with a special initiative aimed at cleaning up our oceans and promoting eco-friendly practices with our partner 4ocean.

At the forefront of this Delray Beach restaurant's Earth Month campaign is its innovative "Buy One, Pull One" menu. For every item ordered from this exclusive menu, whether it's the flavorful Conch bites appetizer, the succulent Macadamia Nut crusted snapper topped with mango chili glaze entree, or the indulgent Tropical Sundae Crunch dessert, the restaurant pledges to pull a pound of trash from the ocean, in partnership with 4ocean. It's a delicious way to make a difference, with each bite contributing to the preservation of our marine ecosystems.

But the sustainability efforts don't stop there. Henry's Delray is also offering two signature cocktails that not only tantalize the taste buds but also support ocean conservation. The Vitamin "Sea" martini, featuring Gray Whale gin and infused with the rejuvenating essence of matcha latte, offers a refreshing nod to the sea. Meanwhile, the "Mermaid Water" cocktail, crafted with Ocean Vodka and tropical flavors, transports patrons to the tranquil shores of paradise with every sip. Complementing these delightful libations is the exclusive Josh "Seaswept" wine, inviting diners to savor the essence of the ocean in every glass.

For those looking to show their support beyond the dining experience, our Delray Beach restaurant offers Earth Day t-shirts and 4ocean bracelets for purchase, with the purchase of each pulling a pound of trash from the ocean as well. And to truly make a hands-on impact, the restaurant will be hosting a beach clean-up event at the end of the month, inviting volunteers to join in the effort to protect our coastlines. The first 15 volunteers to arrive on the day of the clean-up will receive a complimentary 4ocean bracelet and gloves, symbolizing their dedication to preserving our planet's natural beauty.

The beach clean up will be at Delray Beach, FL on Sunday, 4/21 from 8:30am - 11am. Only limited space available, so make sure to sign up today!

At Henry's Delray, Earth Month isn't just a month-long celebration—it's a commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and making a positive impact on our environment. Join us as we come together to protect our oceans and create a brighter future for generations to come.


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