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Win a Romantic Dinner for Two at a Delray Beach Restaurant this Valentine's Day 💕

Updated: Jan 31

Love is in the air, and to make this Valentine's season even more special, we're excited to announce our Valentine's Raffle! From February 1st to February 13th, every order of our featured Valentine's Day cocktails or desserts will not only satisfy your sweet cravings but also give you the chance to win a delightful "Dinner for Two."

When you indulge in one of our handcrafted Valentine's Day cocktails or dessert during this period, you'll receive a raffle ticket that could be your ticket to a romantic dining experience. Imagine enjoying a "Dinner for Two" on us, which includes two non-alcoholic beverages, two mouthwatering entrees, and your choice of either one appetizer or one dessert to share up to $100 max value.

To enter the raffle, simply fill out your raffle ticket with your name, SMS-enabled phone number and email and give it to your server. The more items you order the more raffle tickets you get, the higher your chances of winning this special dinner package designed to make your Valentine's celebration even more memorable. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, 2/14 and the winner will be texted!

Whether you're treating your significant other or sharing a meal with a friend, our Valentine's Raffle adds an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience. Join us in spreading the love and celebrating the season of romance with delicious treats and the opportunity to win a charming "Dinner for Two." Make your Valentine's Day even more enchanting by participating in our Valentine's Raffle, and let the anticipation of winning enhance the joy of savoring our delightful offerings.


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