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Exploring the Flavorful Fresh from FL Featured Menu at our Delray Beach Restaurant

Updated: May 29

This June, our Delray Beach restaurant, Henry's is excited to present a special featured menu in collaboration with "Fresh from FL," an organization dedicated to promoting the finest local Florida ingredients. Curated to highlight the rich diversity and quality of the state's produce and seafood, this menu offers a new "FL" feature each week, promising a fresh and delightful culinary experience throughout the month.

The first week of June kicks off with a succulent Ribeye Steak, featuring local Florida steak that is perfectly grilled and brushed with a fresh guava glaze. This dish promises a harmonious blend of savory and sweet, showcasing the unique flavors that Florida ingredients can bring to a classic cut of beef.

From June 8th to 14th, diners can savor the Seared Snapper, a dish that highlights local-caught Florida snapper. The delicate, flaky fish is topped with a vibrant Florida mango salsa, offering a refreshing and tangy complement to the mild sweetness of the snapper. This dish embodies the freshness and zest of Florida's coastal cuisine.

Week three, running from June 15th to 21st, features a Florida Seafood Cioppino. This hearty dish includes a medley of fresh and local seafood, served over orzo pasta in a spicy seafood broth. Each bite is a celebration of Florida's rich maritime bounty, blending flavors and textures that will delight seafood lovers.

The month concludes from June 22nd to 30th with a Seared Grouper, another local favorite. This dish features Florida grouper seared to perfection and brushed with a fresh passion fruit glaze, adding a tropical twist to the firm, white fish. The passion fruit glaze enhances the natural flavors of the grouper, making for a truly memorable dining experience.

In addition to these weekly features, Henry's offers a selection of "Fresh from FL" summer cocktails available all month long for just $6 each. The Gin Limoncello, featuring Gray Whale Gin, Limoncello, and club soda, is a refreshing choice for gin lovers. The Goombay Smash, a blend of tropical rums and juices, transports you to the islands with every sip. And the FL Margarita, a refreshing blend of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, is the perfect way to toast the flavors of Florida.

Henry's special June menu, in partnership with "Fresh from FL," is a tribute to the state's exceptional local ingredients. Whether you're enjoying a perfectly grilled steak, a vibrant seafood dish, or a refreshing summer cocktail, each offering showcases the best of what Florida has to offer.

Delray Beach Restaurant Featured Fresh from FL Menu

Delray Beach Restaurant Featured Fresh from FL Menu


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